Flooring System Environments

Industrial Flooring

Toledo Floor’s Industrial Epoxy Floors are engineered to provide outstanding impact, abrasion and chemical resistance. This class of floors is distinguished for their use in light and heavy industrial and commercial environments. The Industrial Epoxy Floor System is designed for a seamless durable surface formulated for the rigors of heavy use. These floor properties are recognized industry-wide for their high performance of compressive, tensile, flexural strength, and abrasion resistance.

Toledo Floor’s Epoxy Floors provide for the preservation of new concrete in addition to rehabilitation of debilitated concrete. A variety of finishes, colors and safety lines are available. Toledo Floor flooring systems are easy to maintain and provide a solution to industrial flooring problems.

Conductive Flooring System

Toledo Floor’s Conductive Flooring System contains conductive components to provide dissipation of static electricity.

This system complies with EOS/ESD association test standard 7.1 with 105 – 109 ohms resistance. These coatings also meet the requirements of the National Fire Protection Code (NFPA-56A) to eliminate ignition hazards by bleeding off static electrical charges.

Applicability includes defense facilities, clean rooms, computer and data processing, robotics, pharmaceutical manufacturing, packaging and testing facilities.

The Conductive Flooring Systems are distinguished for their high durability, abrasion resistance and use where static electricity and spark resistance must be controlled.

Slip Resistant Flooring and Coating

Toledo Floor’s flooring and slip resistant coating provides excellent compressive and tensile strength properties designed for areas requiring a slip resistant finish. These properties are especially applicable in highly oily manufacturing and assembly plants, fork lift ramps and docks, pedestrian walkways, showers, lobbies and maintenance shops.

Safety Hazards caused by product spillage or natural elements are responsible for product slowdown, lost time, or injuries. Toledo Floor evaluates every condition, and determines the right amount of abrasive surface to reduce the possibility of slippage.

Novolac Acid and Chemical Resistant Flooring

Toledo Floor’s Chemical Resistant Flooring and Coating system provides maximum protection for concrete from the harsh corrosive effects of acid and chemical spillages.

Toledo Floor’s advanced formulation offers excellent defense against inorganic and most organic acids, aromatic solvents and oxidating agents.

The Novolac System is a highly cross-linked density flooring that provides increased durability and compressive strength. The mechanical properties of the Novolac Coatings are higher, thus providing a tougher and more durable surface for acid and chemical resistance and protection.

This Novolac formulation can be specifically tailored to meet a customer’s special acid and chemical resistance requirements.

The Toledo Floor Novolac Acid and Chemical Resistant System is a high performance product maximizing concrete protection.

Surface contamination by acid and chemical spillage requires special attention. Toledo Floor will analyze all chemicals used in the area to insure that our epoxy floor material will withstand their attack.

Decorative Flooring

Toledo Floor’s Decorative Flooring Systems are composed of an epoxy base, a two component top coat, and a multi-colored quartz or aggregate or decorative chip. Final coat is a clear epoxy sealer. This delivers a finished decorative appearance.

The Decorative Epoxy System is sanitary, seamless, highly cosmetic and easy to maintain. This Flooring System is applicable where a durable, aesthetic effect is desired (applied to concrete only).

Designed for use in light duty manufacturing, lobbies, health care facilities, offices, laboratories, show rooms, etc., they provide an attractive solution to flooring requirements.