New Toledo Floor Products Deliver Durable Solutions to Enhance Safety and Beauty of Workplace Environments

TOLEDO, OH – The launch of new heavy-duty luminescent and decorative epoxy floor coating products from Toledo Floor promises to make industrial workplace environments safer and more beautiful places to be.

New Toledo Floor Aluma-Line Epoxy

Aluma-Line EpoxyWhen strategically applied to concrete floors throughout a facility, new Toledo Floor Aluma-Line Epoxy emits light and works to guide occupants to safety when floors and exits may otherwise become obscured during unexpected power outages or in smoke-filled environments.

Unlike other photoluminescent coatings or adhesive tape, Toledo Floor Aluma-Line Epoxy is formulated using a tough, hi-build clear epoxy that is easy to maintain and resists degradation due to day-to-day traffic and industrial exposure. It also features luminescent additives that charge under both natural and electric light sources and emit light at least 10 times longer than other luminescent products.

According to Toledo Floor vice president, Debra Coleman, the superior performance features of Toledo Floor Aluma-Line Epoxy make it a perfect product for use in a wide variety of environments including: industrial, office, government facilities and more.

“While the concept of photoluminescent floor coatings is not new, Toledo Floor Aluma-Line Epoxy represents a step forward in this product category. Recent world events have increased the need for reliable, heavy duty safety performance. We feel Toledo Floor Aluma-Line Epoxy is an effective solution to this problem,” Coleman said.