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Success Stories

Toledo Floor Delivers Space-Age Flooring to NASA

In the heart of NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana, Toledo Floor, based in Mount Clemens, Michigan, played a vital role in a success story. Facing the challenge of upgrading over 1.4 million square feet of workspace, Lockheed Martin turned to Toledo Floor for their expertise in seamless epoxy flooring solutions.

Commitment to Excellence

Toledo Floor is an industry-leading manufacturer and installer of customized epoxy flooring systems that enhance the look and performance of concrete floors in a wide range of industrial environments.


Toledo Floor's resurfacing flooring systems undergo rigorous quality checks, surpassing engineering and architectural specifications with unmatched strength and durability. With 100% quality control from manufacturing to application, Toledo Floor guarantees industry-leading epoxy solutions.


The quality of an epoxy overlayment depends to a large extent upon the technical competence and experience of the applicator. Toledo Floor has millions of square foot installation experience, which brings technical expertise to every job. Your end result is an expertly installed, long – wearing, easily maintained industrial floor.


The ruggedness of a flooring material is judged by its performance under extreme wearing conditions. Toledo Floor’s flooring systems have proven themselves under the most rigorous demands: heavy industrial use, acid and chemical spills, foot traffic, abrasive and slip resistant conditions.


Toledo Floor, Inc. Resurfacing professionals are available throughout the U.S. to assist you in choosing the polymer flooring system that best meets your need. Our technicians inspect and evaluate your site, as well as work with your engineering staff to insure the most efficient and cost-effective installation methods. Integrity and service have made Toledo Floor the leaders in industrial epoxy flooring. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

Commercial Installation

Toledo Floor offers a total turn-key approach to floor resurfacing projects through our in-house staff of highly qualified installation professionals.


Transforming Surfaces with Versatile Applications

Flooring System Environments

Toledo provides durable industrial flooring solutions tailored for safety and performance. From joint fill compounds to waterproofing membranes, each product is designed for specific needs. Whether repairing imperfections or enhancing safety with bright coatings.

Epoxy Overlayments

Toledo Floor IS offers industrial-strength flooring for heavy environments, resistant to impact, abrasion, and chemicals. ISSR provides slip resistance, ISCD offers static dissipation, NOV gives superior heat and chemical resistance, while Deco Quartz and Deco Chip offer decorative options for commercial spaces.


Toledo Floor K-HB and K-Satin offer industrial-strength coatings with hi-gloss and semi-gloss finishes respectively. K-Stipple provides a highly textured option, while K-SR offers slip resistance. K-CD is conductive for sanitary environments, and K-NOV resists acids. K-Deco Quartz and K-Deco Chip provide decorative choices, while Toledo Floor Aluma-Line emits light for safety in emergencies.

Auxiliary Products

Toledo offers a range of floor solutions, including joint fill compounds, epoxy patches, waterproofing membranes, curbing, coving, primers, and safety line coatings. These products ensure durability, versatility, and safety enhancements for industrial and commercial spaces, maintaining workspace integrity and improving safety standards.

Commitment to Excellence

Toledo Floor is an industry-leading manufacturer and installer of customized epoxy flooring systems that enhance the look and performance of concrete floors in a wide range of industrial environments.
A supplier and installer of heavy-duty epoxy floor system materials, Toledo Floor has a long history of successful relationships with Fortune 500 companies as well as small-to-medium-sized companies.
Facility managers, contractors, architects, engineers and purchasing agents trust Toledo Floor to deliver the quality, experience, performance and service that assures maximum return on their flooring investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Your Concerns

Yes, as long as the existing is epoxy, and it has good adhesion.

No. Coating and concrete must be at least 55° Fahrenheit – preferably 65° or higher

No. Concrete must be thoroughly dry.

Approximately one year from manufacture date. Avoid freezing temperatures during storage.

Thirty-five to forty-five minutes, at 70°F.

Yes, because it seals the substrate.