Success Stories

Success Stories

Toledo Floor Delivers Space-Age Flooring to NASA
Where will you find an epoxy flooring company that manufactures, warranties and installs their own product without interrupting production schedules? Toledo Floor, based in Mount Clemens, Michigan fit the bill.

Lockheed Martin Michoud Operation needed a company to provide high compressive strength, durability, reflectivity, and more level working surfaces in a quality flooring system covering over 1,400,000 square feet.

Other secondary needs of the flooringOther secondary needs of the flooring, such as appealing aesthetics, cleaner conditions, and the incorporation of corporate logos, safety lines and signage had to be met as well, according to Andrew Laurant, the engineer at Lockheed Martin Michoud Operations. “The flooring system would also boost morale and help promote more organized working conditions, thus boosting overall productivity,” added Laurant. “We also wanted the option to have potential problems solved quickly before and after the flooring system was installed.”

Lockheed Martin Operations chose Toledo Floor from several companies considered. “Toledo Floor had an ideal presentation, great bid package and best-detailed plan for our needs,” said Laurant. Each company being considered was also required to submit a criteria matrix by which the final contractor, Toledo Floor, was selected. The criteria included maintainability, durability, warranty, experience, and cost.

Production began with tests and an initial assessment conducted by Toledo Floor after the contract was awarded. “Initial planning is a key part of any project,” said the president of Toledo Floor. “Toledo Floor uses proven methods and practices to make the map that will give customers the results and quality they need and expect.”

Toledo Floor was required to allow numerous production windows to work areas ranging from as little as 10,000 sq. ft. in a single mobilization.

The turnkey advantage at Toledo Floor gives customers great support and confidence in job performance. Toledo Floor has the in-house technical expertise and experience to resolve any formulation problems and other installation issues.

Toledo Floor also formulated unique systems to isolate the work areas involving carefully measured floor-to-ceiling curtains and removal of all materials, including wax – leaving a clean surface. The project work required minimal dust and airborne particles to meet stringent requirements from prime application of the epoxy flooring materials and Lockheed Martin Michoud Operations’ production levels.

installation of an epoxy flooring systemLockheed Martin Michoud Operations benefited from Toledo Floor’s production, warranty and installation of a high quality flooring system, mainly consisting of two coats of “superhard”‚ epoxy flooring.

“We’re very satisfied with Toledo Floor’s enhancement of the “high-tech” working environment, productivity, and appearance of the main manufacturing areas through the installation of an epoxy flooring system,” added Laurant. “We saw immediate positive results and appreciated the flexible scheduling provided by Toledo Floor that allowed our production schedule to easily continue with operations.”

“The greatest challenge was to provide prompt service while working under very dynamic schedule situations”. Toledo Floor achieved superior intercoat adhesion, high compressive strength, and no VOCs through turnkey installation. Approximately half of the three year project was completed in one year.

Customer satisfaction, always a priority at Toledo Floor , was very high. “The work ethic of installation crews was outstanding, which is part of the reason Toledo Floor received a performance award – the SFAS (Space Flight Awareness Achievement) award, presented to Toledo Floor at a special ceremony,” said Laurant.

“Lockheed Martin Michoud Operations greatly benefited with an updated floor system from long lasting professional materials and effective labor with minimal disturbances,” said Laurant. “The modifications and operational improvements Toledo Floor achieved with the applied epoxy flooring system met and exceeded our level of quality, cost, safety and reliability.”

“Toledo Floor received numerous compliments on workmanship and dedication during the project”. “It’s a great testimony to our workers and their quest to provide quality products and services, and respond completely to our customers’ needs.”

The NASA Michoud Assembly Facility employees 2,250 workers at its 832-acre facility in New Orleans, La. Since 1973, Michoud Operations has designed, assembled and tested various structures for aerospace including Space Shuttle External Tanks, the largest single component of the Space Shuttle system. Michoud Operations also excels in hybrid propulsion technology, thermal protection products and extensive aerospace research and development of space launch systems, advanced satellites and commercial reusable launch vehicles.